long island fury 14-red

Olivia Baumann
Jayda Colson
Julia DiGangi
Ana Farr
Natalie  Gentzel
Jessica Hampson
Hannah McCay
Siobhan Meyer
Charlotte Rauch
Lena Ryan
Julia Smith
Gianna Szajkowski
Alexa Versaci
14 Red Tournament Schedule

Jan 27: GEVA 14s Tournament (location TBD)     (accepted)
Feb 10: Performance 14s Tournament in Old Brookville, NY     (pending acceptance)
Mar 3: GEVA 14s Tournament (location TBD)     (accepted)
Mar 24: GEVA 14s Tournament (location TBD)     (accepted)
Apr 8: Sportime 14s Tournament in Bethpage, NY     (pending acceptance)
Apr 28: Legacy 14s Tournament in Bronx, NY     (pending acceptance)
May 5: GEVA Regional Championships (location TBD)     (will be accepted)

** The goal is six tournaments but we are listing seven in case we are not accepted into one.  
Head Coach:  Cassandra Minogue