long island fury 15s

FURY would like to offer the following players a roster position for Fury 15s. 
Fury 15-Black

Mary Baumeister
Emily Cordano
Emelia Flocco
Jules Gallo
Ali Lamitie
Lucia Mannetta
Karly Pascale
Alexis Patriss
Elizabeth Perez
Cassandra Rohan
Isabella Salducco
Olivia Weiss

Coach Lenny
Coach Kat

Fury 15-Red

Kate Alonzo
Alyssa Caracciolo
Sara Colonna
Angel Dakis
Sophia DiPrima
Megan Halloran
Jenessa McGuire
Vicky Nelson
Emma Pearsall
Cassandra Pfautsett
Kayla Rau
Daniella Recupero
Allie Saper
Maggie Zigon

Coach KB
Coach Taylor

If you would like to be considered as an alternate (should someone not accept),
please email us at longislandfuryvolleyball@gmail.com

Please check back tomorrow for details on the contract signing meeting
and the online form that we will need for you to fill out.


2019-20 15s Tournament Schedule

Jan 11-12: Winterfest 2 in Hartford, CT
Jan 26: Legacy 15s Tournament in Bronx, NY (pending acceptance)
Feb 9: Legacy 15s Tournament in Bronx, NY (pending acceptance)
Feb 29: GEVA 15s Tournament (location TBD)
Mar 6-8: Mizuno Volleyball Festival in Boston, MA
    * Arrival to Boston on the morning of the 6th
Mar 21: GEVA 15s Tournament (location TBD)
Apr 18: GEVA 15s Tournament (location TBD)
May 9: GEVA 15s Regionals

Though unlikely, schedule is subject to change
Head Coach: Lenny Zaloga      Assistant Coach: Katerine Consorte