long island fury 17s

Alexis Cavalieri
Reed Cherveny
Lily Ferrante
Giovanna Garone
Cortina Green
Lauren Hadzigeorgiou
Viktoria Harkin
Brianna Huebner
michaela meyer
Jordan Osler
Maura Pesce
Kendall Pluschau
Carsyn Rachuta‚Äč
17s Tournament Schedule:
Jan 13-15:  Winterfest in Hartford, CT   (accepted)
Jan 28: GEVA 17s Tournament (location TBD)   (accepted)
Feb 17: Legacy 17s Tournament in Bronx, NY   (pending acceptance)
Mar 2-4:  Boston Volleyball Festival in Boston, MA   (accepted)
Mar 11: GEVA 17s Tournament (location TBD)   (accepted)
March 17-18: Great Nor'Easter in Upstate, NY    (accepted)
Apr 1: Sportime 17s Tournament in Bethpage, NY   (pending acceptance)
Apr 14: Legacy 17s Tournament in Bronx, NY    (pending acceptance)
May 6: GEVA Regional Championships (location TBD)   (will be accepted)

** The goal is eight tournaments but we are listing nine in case we are not accepted into one.  

Head Coach:  Cassandra Minogue       Assistant Coach: Kristen Bohnenblusch