About the Club....

Long Island FURY was founded in 2001 by Don Consorte with the goal of providing junior development through superlative instruction at the most affordable possible cost.  Originally feeding primarily the ESM and Bellport volleyball programs, Long Island FURY has since grown to draw girls from over twenty different school districts.  This expansion is an indication of our growing success and popularity, and something we are truly proud of.

The success of Long Island FURY teams has also been growing by leaps and bounds.  Long Island FURY teams win tournaments, not simply compete in them.  And our continued success has solidified our reputation among the top universities. This provides invaluable credibility during the college recruitment process – which is ultimately the goal of playing club volleyball.
Club Volleyball is primarily about player development.  So our success is most easily measured by the success of our players. 

Long Island FURY alumni play all throughout the United States.  We do our best to place girls at universities which best fit them and their personal goals (both athletic and academic).  Sometimes this is a top division-one university, and sometimes is it is a small division-three college.  Either way, our girls are given the opportunity to continue playing volleyball at the NCAA level, very often with associated athletic scholarships.