Certain club-wide policies are set in place for each FURY team.  As this is an ever-evolving process, we reserve the right to assess each situation on a case-by-case basis.
  1. There is absolutely no guaranteed playing time at tournaments.  This cannot be stressed enough.  We guarantee practice time only.  If a player has a problem with the amount of playing time she is receiving, SHE should constructively ask the coach what she could be doing to gain more playing time.  Under no circumstances should parents address this topic directly with the coach.
  2. All rules outlined by our Region's adopted code of conduct will be enforced.
  3. 100% Attendance is EXPECTED for all tournaments and practices.  If you cannot fully commit to our schedule, kindly reconsider playing for Long Island FURY.
  4. Full tuition must be paid even in the event of player termination.  Another young lady would have happily accepted the position offered to your daughter.
  5. As a general rule, a high school team practice is not an acceptable reason to miss a club practice.  Committing to the team means you are COMMITTING TO THE TEAM AND ALL OF ITS PRACTICES.  If your schedule does not allow for a complete commitment, please reconsider playing for Long Island FURY.