Anticipated Tuition for 2018-19 Season:

18s: $2,475 plus $100 of committed fundraising
17s: $2,250 
plus $100 of committed fundraising
16s: $1,975 plus $100 of committed fundraising
15s: $1,975 plus $100 of committed fundraising
**When pondering club tuitions, always try to compare apples to apples.  Some clubs require the girls to actually stay with the parents at tournaments or charge additionally for their accommodations?!?!  Our tuition includes the girls' hotel expenses (this is a huge cost).

Payment Plans for Tuition:
FURY offers a three-payment option for paying tuition that many parents choose to use.  This includes a $50 finance fee as this requires far more work for us (though we are happy to do it).  If something more personalized is needed, just ask us!

     Payment #1 due and deposited on Contract Signing (Oct 19 or Oct 22)
     Payment #2 collected at Contract signing but deposited on Jan 31
     Payment #3 collected at Contract signing but  deposited on  Feb 20

Payment Amounts (All checks made payable to "Long Island FURY Volleyball II, Inc,")
     18s:  $1,200, $750, $675
     17s:  $1,100, $700, $600
     16s:  $1,000, $575, $550
     15s:  $1,000, $575, $550

If mom and dad will be sharing responsibility for tuition, and a split contract is required, email us so we can have that prepared for you.