Club Season Details:

~ The club season is comprised of practices and tournaments.
~ Practices are at All-Star Arena, twice each week.
~ Practices begin in November and last for 4-5 months.
~ Practices are expected to be Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday nights.
~ Teams are created by age-eligibility.
~ If there are enough for multiple teams, we will make multiple teams.
~ You cannot "choose" which days you practice
or which team you play on.

~ Tournaments are made up of away weekend travel tournaments
as well as "local" one-day tournaments.

~ Local Tournaments are on Long Island, in NYC, Westchester, or NJ.
~ Away Travel Tournaments are within the Northeast and
require hotel-stays (not included in tuition).

~ Tuition includes all Fury Gear, coaches' salaries, facility
rental, tournament expenses, and insurance.
~ We will work with you in whatever capacity regarding
a personalize payment plan.